Catering Equipment Rental

Chafing Dish Rental

chafing dish (from the French chauffer, "to make warm") is a portable unit raised, used for foods that require gentle cooking, away from the "fierce" heat of direct flames.

Chafing Dish, 8-quart stainless steel. Has a cool to touch bakelite handle on the lid and clips on the frame to secure the lid during usage. Comes complete food pan, water pan, and 2-sterno cans to provide 2-hour run-time. Rent $ 25.00

Roll Top Chafing Dish, 8-quart stainless steel . The versatile roll top cover allows for safe, easy access for guests. Comes complte with food pan, water pan, and 2-sterno cans to provide 2-hour run-time. Rent $ 40.00
Serving Utencils available: Spoons, Slotted Spoons, & Tongs.
All of our catering equipment is provided sanitized and table ready.
Heat Lamp: Includes 16"x24" cutting board, 18"x26" drip pan, 250 watt bulb. Use for carving meats. Rent $ 54.00
Waiter Tray: Fiberglass oval tray 20"x15" Rent $ 14.00
Waiter Stand: Folding chrome legs Rent $ 13.00

Grill Rental

Grill Charcoal: 5' x 2', screw-in legs with casters, Rent $ 119.00
Start with 40-lbs of charcoal add 10-lbs per hour as needed.
Charcoal and Lighter Fluid available, call for current pricing.
Grill Gas 3' x 2': Commercial quality in a manageable size at 115 lbs. 2-sections 80,000 BTU, commercial lava rocks, cooking surface 16"x32" Rent $ 119.00
 Requires 20-lb propane cylinder, runs up to 4-hours, call for current pricing.
Grill Gas 6' x 2': Commercial quality. 4-sections 160,000 btu, commercial lava rocks, cooking surface 16"x64" Rent $ 239.00
Requires 40-lb propane cylinder, runs up to 4-hours, call for current pricing.
Cooker Gas (candy stove): Designed to heat quickly, this high-output 60,000-btu pot cooker for boiling. At 22" tall, it desinged for use with a 40-quart pot. Rent $ 49.00
Requires 20-lb clyinder, runs up to to 4-hours, call for pricing.

Cooler Rental


Highly durable construction with foam insulation serves dual purpose of providing superior ice retention and structural support.

Super Cooler: Blue, 25" diameter x 30" tall, hold up to 168 of 12-oz cans with ice. Or a full 16-gallon keg with ice. Convenient  opening in lid allows for room for tap. Rent $ 50.00


Chest Cooler: Tan 75-quart capacity. hold up to 90 of 12-oz cans with ice. Inside dimensions 26" long x 12" wide x 12.5" deep. Orca brand, durable construction, drainage spout. Call for availability

 Bar Rental 


Folding Bar: Mahogany colored laminate. 4' wide x 2' deep x 42" tall. 2-Piece Portable bar features quick and easy set-up without tools. 4' x 18" work shelf. 4' x 16" bar top. Rent $ 75.00

Thermos Rental

The standard for food service, these heavy duty insulated servers are a work horse that will keep your beverage or food pans safely chilled or piping hot for! up to 4-hours. Ideal for catering and outdoor events.

Thermos 5-gallon: beverage thermos, cambro camtainer, Rent $ 32.00

Thermos 10-gallon: beverage thermos, cambor camtianer, Rent $ 42.00

Thermos Food Pan: cambro camcarrier, supports up to 4 of 2-1/2" standard chafer trays, Rent $ 52.00