Generators & Compressors Rental

Generator Rental


Generator, 5600watt: High performance generator designed for construction applications. SPECS: 5000watt continuous output, 41.6amp @ 120volt, 20.8amp @ 240volt, 11.0hp Honda engine, Weight 168lb. 6-hour run-time on full tank of fuel. Rental units feature wheel transport kit. Manufacturer: Wacker Neuson GP5600A. Rent $ 109.00 8-hour

Generator, 2800watt: Inverter generator, stable power for equipment and electronics, very quiet at 62dB, lightweight at only 67-bs, commercial grade GFCI protection, OSHA compliant, rental unit features wheel transport kit, 2500watt contiuous output, 20.8amp @ 120volt, 5 hour run-time on full tank of fuel, Manufacturer Honda Power EB2800i, Rent $ 79.00 8-hour
Obtain the most power from your generator. We stock a wide variety of generator cords and plugs for purchase

Welder Rental


Portable Welder / Generator: DC current 50-180 amp, max duty cycle 50% at 180amp, 3000watt AC generator, 11-hp Honda gasoline engine, rental unit features wheel transport kit, 50' leads, unit weight 246-lbs, Rent $ 149.00 8-hour

Personal protective equipment is not included.

Air Compressor Rental


Portable Electric Air Compressor: 2hp direct drive electric motor, 120volt/15amp, 4 gallon air tank, 4.5 cfm @ 100 psi, unit weight 61 lbs, includes one 3/8" x 50' air hose with 1/4" fittings, Rent $ 49.00 8-hour


Portable Gasoline Air Compressor: single wheel transport. 6.5-hp Honda engine, 13.9 cfm at 90psi, Two 4-gallon air tanks. unit weight 175-lbs, includes one 3/8" x 50' air hose with 1/4" fittings,  Rent $ 79.00 8-hour


Towable Gasoline Air Compressor: 185cfm air compressor, 125psi, includes three 3/4" x 50' air hoses with "chicago" fittings, Rent $ 219.00 8-hour