More Party Items

More Party Rentals

Wedding & Shower Rental

 Wicker Chair: white wicker chair with neutral colored cushion Rent $ 39.00


Wishing Well: white lace, 53" tall x 19" diameter Rent $ 39.00

Meetings & Conference Rental



Portable Lectern: 150watt, built-in speakers, wired microphone and or wireless. Use table-top as shown or use with our folding stand to create a podium look.

Portable Lectern and Stand: Slant top desk for presentations, speaches, or lecures. 150watt, built-in speakers, wired microphone and or wireless. Also referred to a podium. Rent $ 159.00

Pipe and Drape Rental

Fixed vertical aluminum uprights supported by a weighted steel base, and adjustable telescopic aluminum horizontals that provide a drape upport frame with removable drape panels.


Pipe and Drape Section: 8' high x 10' long Rent $ 27.00

Length can be adjusted to 6', 8', or the standard 10' long. Choose Black or Blue Drapes to create a wall, backdrop, or booth.

Stage Rental


Staging and Runway: 4' x 4' sections, 26" tall, grey plywood surface, wrapped in black linen skirting, 4-step stairs. Indoor use only. Please call for available sizes.

Wood surface may cause splinters. Guests required to wear shoes when using stage.

Stanchion Rental


Tension Stanchions: 40" tall black post with 7' retractable tension belt Rent $ 23.00

Chrome Stanchions: 33" tall classic chrome post Rent $ 19.00

Velvet Rope: 5' red or blue Rent $ 4.50

Raffle Drum Rental 

Raffle Drum: 21" wide x 15" deep x 20" high Rent $ 19.00

Garment Rack Rental


Garment Rack: 48" rail and 2-12" extensions, 4" casters, holds 40-60 garments Rent $ 24.00

Also Available: 50-pack of Drapery Hangers and Coat Check Tags.

Folding Bed Rental

Folding Bed: Twin Size: rollaway bed 39" x 75" x 4" covered foam mattress Rent $ 23.00

Patio Heater

Patio Heater: keep your guests warm at your next event. Outdoor use on patios or uncovered decks. 40,000-btu, heats 16' diameter area (200sq-ft), runs 4 to 8 hours on a 20-lb propane cylinder. Propane additional, Rent $ 69.00