Compaction Rental

Compaction Rental

The benefits of compaction are: Increased load-bearing capacity. Reductions is settlement. Reduction in flow of water (water seepage). Reduction in frost damage.


Vibratory Roller

Dual drum drive with front drum vibration: 3,400-lb centrifugal force, 35.4" drum width, GX630 twin-cylinder Honda engine, pressurized water system with 35 gallon water tank. Maximum operating weight 2,964-lbs   Wacker Neuson RD12A-90, Rent $ 319.00 8-hour day. Trailer included.

Customers required to provide 2500-series vehicle or greater with class-3 hitch and electric brakes when towing our trailer.


Vibratory Plate ( tamper / compactor )

Designed for the compaction of granular, mixed materials with some cohesive content. Water tank models are available for asphalt applications. These plates have set the standard for performance and durability in confined areas such as parking lots & residential construction. Baseplate 16.9" or 19.6" wide x 22.8", 3375-lb centrifugal force, forward speed 95' per minute, Honda 5.5-hp gasoline engine, unit weight 196-lbs. Asphalt models feature 11-quart water tank, Wacker Neuson WP11540A, WP1550AW, WP1550A, WP1550AW, Rent $ 89.00 4-hours / $ 109.00 8-hour day.



Vibratory Plate ( tamper / compactor ) 14" wide

Easy-to-Transport compact and proven design. Ideal for base preparation and for the compaction of mixed soils in confined spaces. The specially designed base plate and guide handle provide for easy operation and maneuverability. The low vibration guide handle allows for longer working hours and less fatigue for the operator. Baseplate 14" x 20", 2,473-lb centrifugal force, unit weight 135-lbs. Wacker Neuson VP1135A  Rent $ 89.00 4-hours / $ 109.00 8-hour day.

Rammer ( jumping jack )

Wacker Neuson 4 stroke tamper rammer is ideal for the compaction of cohesive and mixed soils in trenches and other confined areas. Shoe 11"wide x 13", 656 bpm, centrifugal force 3597-lb, Honda 4.0-hp 4-cycle gasoline engine, unit weight 143-lb, Wacker Neuson BS50-4As, Rent: $ 109.00 8-hours


Reversible Vibratory Plate ( tamper ) 710-lbs:
High compaction force combined with fast forward and reverse travel means the BPU4045 achieves great productivity. It is perfectly suited for the compaction of building back-fill, and of frost and sub bases when constructing roads, paths and parking lots. Baseplate 24" x 35.4", centrifugal force 8992-lb, maximum speed 78' per minute, Honda 9.0-hp gasoline engine, unit weight 710-lbs. Wacker Neuson BPU4045A, Rent $ 239.00 8-hours
Hand Tamper 8" x 8" heavy-duty, one piece, solid steel construction dirt tamper, 49" handle, weight 17-lbs Rent $ 25.00 8-hours