Lawn Care Rental

  Aerator Rental

Smaller footprint. Serious cores. The Classen Steerable 4-wheel Compact Aerator is user-friendly, the TA18 aerator is ideal for landscapers and homeowners; with a steerable tine bank and tight tine placement, it produces the best quality of core in its category.


Aerator Compact 4-wheel: Self-Propelled, core depth up to 3", Self-Propelled, 4-wheeled, unit width 27.2", aeration width 16", folding handle, 5.5-hp Honda engine, unit lifting weight 214-lbs, unit operating weight 257-lbs, Classen TA18 Rent $ 89.00 4-hour / $ 129.00 8-hour

 Add the convenience of a trailer, for only $ 25.00

TA18 Spec Sheet


Turf Rake Rental

Reffered to as a Turf Rake, Power Rake, Lawn Comber, Dethatcher, or simply Thatcher. 


Thatcher: push model with 20" combing width, 28 heat–treated flail blades with spacing of 11/16″, folding handle, 5.5-hp Honda engine, 135-lbs, Classen TR-20H Rent $ 69.00 4-hour / $ 99.00 8-hour

 Add the convenience of a trailer, for only $ 25.00

TR-20H Specs

Lawn Seeder Rental



Overseeder / Power Seeder: Self-Proplled Hydro-Overseeder provides stability on any terrain. Plants 13 rows per 20" width. Hydraulic Drive, 26 blades spaced 1.5" apart, 9.0-hp Honda gasoline engine, Seed Hopper Capacity 40-lbs, Unit Weight 300-lbs. Classen HTS-20H. Trailer Included. Rent $ 159.00 8-hour 

Classen HTS-20H Spec Sheet

Lawn Mower Rental


Lawn Mower / Push Mower: 21" blade, 1.9 bushel rear bag, or side discharge, 159cc gasoline engine, 11" rear wheels, 6-position cutting height adjustment, Troy-Bilt TB130, Rent $ 49.00 8-hour

Lawn Roller Rental


Lawn Roller / Sod Roller: poly drum 24" wide x 18" diameter, steel T-handle, 27 gallon capacity, unit weight 34-lb, weighs 250-lbs when filled with water. Rent $ 29.00 4-hour / $ 39.00 8-hour

Compost Spreader Rental


Compost Spreader Roller / Peat Moss Roller: 24" wide x 18" diameter steel perforated drum, empty weight 31-lb, 3.5 cu-ft capacity, fill at 50% for best results. Seymour 85755, Rent $ 44.00 8-hour 

Lawn Spreader Rental


Lawn Spreader / Turf Spreader: residential grade, fully adjustable gate dial for seed or fertilizer, 80-Pound capacity poly hopper with enclosed gear system, supported by a rugged powder coated steel frame, 12" pneumatic tires, 24" wide, unit weight 24.2-lb, Chapin 8200A Rent $ 32.00 8-hour

Lawn Edger Rental


Lawn Edger: 9-inch triple-edged blade cuts a clean edge along driveways, sidewalks and landscape beds  up to 2-1/4" depth. 132cc gasoline, engine, unit weight 63-lb, Rent $ 52.00 8-hour