Plumbing Tool Rental

Snake Rental


Drain Cleaner: Model S Hand-held drill-powered, 0-600 rpm power snake can be used for cleaning small, inside lines 1-1/4″ to 2-1/2″ in diameter, 3/8" x 25' expanded end cable will open kitchen, bath, and laundry drains, 120volt, 3.2amp, Rent $ 40.00 8-hour

Snake, Closet Auger / Toilet Auger: manual auger can be used to clear obstructions in any kind of toilet. Heavy duty zinc plated steel construction with an extra flexible 3 Ft. “music wire” cable. The protective tubing also prevents damage to the bowl as you clear, Rent $ 20.00 8-hour


Pipe Cleaner: Easy Rooter power snake drives 1/2" x 50' cable to clean most 2" to 4" drain lines, foot pedal operated, 1/3-hp 120volt, 65-lbs, Rent $ 70.00 8-hour

 Pipe Cutter Rental


Soil Pipe Cutter 6":

  • Cuts 1-1/2"-6" clay, cast iron clay pipe or cement pipe and 4" Class 22 water main.
  • Ratchet-action handle parallel to pipe allows for application in minimum width trenches.
  • Complete with hand guard to protect operator’s knuckles when cutting.

Model # 246, unit weight 25-lb, Rent $ 40.00 8-hour

Pipe Cutter Rental


Pipe Cutter, 2": model 2A, clean pipe cutting, 1/8" to 2", 7-lbs Rent $ 20.00 8-hour

Pipe Cutter, 4": model 4S, clean pipe cutting, 2" to 4", 18-lbs, Rent $ 30.00 8-hour

Pipe Threader Rental

Pipe Threader Kit: model 00-R, ratched, 1/8" to 1" npt threads, metal carry case, Rent $ 30.00

Pipe Threader 2": model 65-R: adjustable ratchet, 1" to 2" npt threads, 25-lbs, Rent $ 40.00

Pipe Vise Rental

Pipe Vise: tristand model 40-A integrates a yoke style vise into the base and a rugged tool tray, vise capacity 1/8" to 2-1/2", unit weight 48.5-lbs, Rent $ 30.00

Pipe Wrench Rental


Straight Pipe Wrenches have a sturdy, ductile-iron housing and an I-beam handle with a full floating forged hook jaw.

Pipe Wrench 36": cast iron handle, 19-lbs, Rent $ 20.00 8-hour
Pipe Wrench 48": cast iron handle, 34-lbs, Rent $ 30.00 8-hour