More Equipment Rental

Wallpaper Steamer Rental

Wallpaper Steamer: Steamer operates on 110V, 15 amp household current. Draws 1500watts, 15’ steam hose, 15’ electric cord with GFCI housing, water gauge glass. Includes Standard Pan 8" x 11" for walls and Narrow Pan 2-1/2" for borders and narrow areas, Rent $ 39.00 8-hour

Floor Tool Rental


Nailer Flooring Stapler: mallet actuated, installation of 3/4" hardwood flooring, pneumatic tool operates at 70-90psi, secures 15.5gauge staples 1-1/2" or 2" long, Bostitch MIIIFS, air compressor required, Rent $ 40.00 8-hour

Add electric compressor for only $ 30.00


15.5-gauge staples available for purchase:
Bostitch Floor Staples: 1-1/2" or 2" packs of 200 sq-ft
Bostitch Floor Staples #BCS1516, 2" case of 7,728
Bostitch Floor Staples #BCS1512 1-1/2" case of 9,600


Manual Hardwood Floor Cleat Nailer: installation of 3/4" hardwood flooring, secures 16-gauge cleats 1-1/2" or 2" long, Bostitch MFN-200, Rent $ 30.00 8-hour     

Bostitch Floor Nails (cleats) available for purchase, box of 1000 covers 200 sq-ft
Floor Stapler Adjustable: trigger actuated, installation of 3/8" to 5/8" hardwood flooring, pneumatic tool operates at 70-90psi, secures 18-gauge staples 1" or 1-1/2" long, tool free adjustable shoe , air compressor required, Porta-Nails 461A, Rent $ 40.00 8-hour

Add electric compressor for only $ 30.00

18-gauge staples available for purchase.


Floor Stripper / Floor Scraper: Floor covering stripper quickly removes VCT tiles and dry yellow adhesive from wood and concrete surfaces. Adjustable operator handle folds for transport. Direct-drive, random orbit action. Includes 4" x 6" general purpose blade. SPECS 115volt, 15amp, .75-hp, 37 foot power cord, unit weight 132-lbs, General FCS16, Rent $ 95.00 8-hour

Additional blades available for purchase 4" x 6" and 4" x 10".

Floor Scraper: steel T-handle 54" long, includes one 7" bllade, Rent $ 25.00 8-hour 

Additional blades available for purchase, choose 7" or 10" wide


Floor Roller: 100-lb, solid steel, 5-1/2" wheel diameter, Rent $ 27.00 8-hour


Tile Cutter, VCT: cuts vinyl tile up to 12" x 12" straigt cuts, Rent $ 27.00 8-hour


Carpet Stretcher: 14-1/2" wide power head, maximum length 22', Rent $ 49.00 8-hour


Carpet Kicker: extends to 21", adjustable nap, Rent $ 20.00 8-hour

Drywall Lift Rental


Drywall Lift / Sheetrock Jack 11': maximum height 11', load capacity 150-lbs, drywall capacity up to 4' x 16', loading height 37", tilts to 65-degrees, foldable and portable, Pamellift model 138-2, Rent $ 49.00 8-hour
Drywall Lift / Sheetrock Jack 15': maximum height 15', load capacity 150-lbs, drywall capacity up to 4' x 16', tilts to 65-degrees, foldable and portable, Panellift model 138-2, Rent $ 59.00 8-hour

Bending Brake Rental


Portable Aluminum Bending Brake designed for Siding, Windows, and Trim

Aluminum Brake 10' length 10' 6", throat 14", bending capacites: Aluminum .027", Galvanized Steel 29 ga., Painted Steel (Grade D) 29 ga., Roofing Copper 24 oz. soft, Zinc .032" soft, Stainless Steel (304L) 29 ga.. unit weight 120-lbs Rent $ 69.00 8-hour

Jack Rental


Screw Jack / House Jack: 20 Ton Capacity, Model SJ-20T, Closed Height 16", Extended Height 25", Screw Size 2" x 12", Contractor Quality Mechanical Jack For All Purpose Lifts & Supports, Holds Heavy Loads Indefinitely, Will Not Creep, Easy To Carry & Position With Built In Handle, Includes 3/4" x 36" turning bar, Rent $ 19.00 day / $ 57.00 week

Shoring Post / Column Jack: 3500-lb capacity, galvanized steel post, closed height 6' 11", extended height 11' 4", unit weight 34-lb, Rent $ 19.00 day / $ 57.00 week

Material Lift Rental


Material Lift / HIgh Jack / Duct Lift / Sky Jack: 

Lift up to 500 lb. loads up to 20 ft. This unit is equipped with guy cables, outrigger bars, and adjustable wing-screw levers with sturdy rubber feet to stabilize the load. 

Where intermediate heights are desired, the model is quickly converted to a 16, 14, 10 or even a 5 ft. lift, either by removing or replacing the proper post sections.  2 ft. post section shown in specifications page provide for all intermediate heights in 2 ft. increments. When the Vermette model 520A  is assembled as a 5 ft. lift, it  can be tipped back on the corrugated handle and rolled into a truck or van. Rent $ 100.00 8-hour

Engine Hoist Rental

Engine Hoist Rental Knockdown Lift can be quickly taken apart, moved and assembled. Designed to lift engines from most automobiles. 1500-lb capacity. Rent $ 50.00 8-hour