Chair Rental

Brown Folding Chair: brown fiberglass on neutral metal frame; Rent $ 2.40 each

Black Folding Chair: black fiberglass on black metal frame; Rent $ 2.90 each


White Folding Chair: "wedding white" fiberglass on white metal frame; Rent $ 3.40 each
White Resin Folding Chair: traditional white garden chair with white cushion, suitable for use on lawns or a patio, not for use on wooded surfaces; Rent $ 5.80 each
Gold Ballroom Chair: stacking wood chivalri chair features black cushion; Rent $ 11.00 each
Black Ballroom Chair, New Item for 2022: stacking resin chivalri chair features black cushion; Rent $ 11.00 each 
Gold Stool Ballroom: wood chivari stool features black cushion, seat height 28-1/2" for 42" bar height use; pairs well with our pedestal cocktail tables; Rent $ 13.00 each
Childs Chair: stacking brown molded seat with chrome legs 15-1/2" seat height is suitable for kids 4th to 6th grade, pairs well with our childs table; Rent $ 2.40 each