Moving & Boxes

Material Handling Rental

Handtruck Appliance (appliance dolly): lever belt tightener, 6" poly wheels, lever belt tightner, stair climbers, toe plate 4.5" x 24", 700-lb capacity: Rent $ 20.00 8-hour


Handtruck Carton: flow back handle, 10" solid tires, toe plate 10" x 14" , 600-lb capacity, Rent $ 19.00 8-hour

Moving Dolly (piano dolly): 18" x 30" hardwood, 4" heavy-duty rubber casters, 1000-lb capacity, rubber ends, Rent $ 15.00 8-hour

Pallet Jack: 48" long forks, unit width 27", load capacity 5000-lbs. Rent $ 49.00 8-hour

Moving Pads 6-pack: heavy-duty 54" x 72" quilted furniture pads, Rent $ 9.00 8-hours

Vacuum Hand Cup (suction cup): Use for moving and positioning appliances, patio doors, filing cabinets, vending machines, etc. Quick to attach and release. Built-in vacuum indicator. Non-slip grip. Won't damage most surfaces. 8" cup diameter with metal pump. Includes plastic carrying case. Maximum load capacity 125 lbs, Woods Powr-Grip, Rent $ 20.00 8-hours


Lever Bar (pry dolly / johnson bar): Pries up heavy loads to be moved. 5" steel wheels w/6' handle, load capacity 3500-lb, Rent $ 25.00 8-hour

Moving Boxes / Moving Cartons


We offer a full line of Moving Boxes, Moving Cartons, and Moving Supplies