Concrete Equipment Rental

Concrete Mixer Rental

Concrete Mixer (cement mixer): 6.0 cu-ft, 1-bag capacity. Tow-Behind, 8.0-hp gasoline engine. Rent $ 119.00 8-hour day.
Concrete Mixer (cement mixer): 3.0 cu-ft batch capacity, 1/2-bag capacity portable, Electric 3/4hp motor, steel drum, unit weight 129lb. use "wheelbarrow" style or install on our folding steel stand, Multiquip MC3, Rent $ 69.00 8-hour
Concrete Mixer (cement mixer) 2.0 cu-ft batch capacity, 1/4-bag capacity, portable, Electric 1/2-hp motor, poly drum, use "wheelbarrow" style, unite weight 123-lbs, Bon Tool 12-238, Recommended use: one 80-lb bag of ready-mix, Rent $ 69.00 8-hour

Mortar Mixer Rental

Mortar Mixer 6.0 cu-ft batch capacity, 1-bag capacity, poly drum, 9.5-hp Kohler engine, Toro MMX-658K-P, Rent $ 129.00 8-hour

Power Trowel: 36" concrete power trowel, 5.5-hp Honda engine, includes combination blade set, twist-pitch, Multiquip MQT-36, Rent $ 149.00 8-hour
Concrete Vibrator: On-site vibration of concrete for foundations, walls, columns, and slab work. Electric motor : 120volt, 9amp, 1.3hp. Shaft : 10' flexible. Head : 1-3/8" diameter x 16" long. Operational weight 24 lbs. Provides a 24" compaction diameter with a capacity of 12 cubic yards per hour, Wacker M1000, Rent $ 79.00 8-hour
Concrete Chute: Aluminum, straight-end, 12' long, 14" wide, 8" deep, adjustable chain, Rent $ 59.00 8-hour
Concrete Bull Float: Magnesium, 42" x 8", square-end, includes 3-threaded handles 5'each, Rent $ 45.00 8-hour

Core Drill Rental

Core Drill Bits available for rental or sale. 

Please call for pricing of Core Drill Bits.

Core Drill, Hand-Held: is designed for smaller applications. It's perfect for electrical and plumbing contractors where operators need to drill through walls and floors. This single speed model is for wet drilling up to 3" diameter. SPECIFICATIONS: 115 volt, 11amp, 0-1800 rpm, unit weight 9 lbs. Includes 3-position hand grip, shoulder rest, drill bit additional Rent $ 99.00 8-hour 
Core Drill, Small: this single speed model is for wet drilling up to 3" diameter with the convenience of a bolt-down base. SPECIFICATIONS: 120volt, 20amp, 850 rpm, unit weight 35-lbs, drill bit additional Rent $ 119.00 8-hour 
Core Drill, Large: 2-speed 20amp Milwaukee motor, is for wet drilling up to 10" diameter, bolt-down or vacuum base, SPECIFICATIONS: 120volt, 20amp, 450-900rpm, unit weight 127-lbs, drill bit additional Rent $ 159.00 8-hour
Concrete Cart: Rugged 8 cu.ft. capacity cart built from heavy gauge steel. Large tires and a width of 35.5" allows easy maneuvering over rough surfaces or through doorways. Unit weight 160-lb, Rent $ 59.00 8-hour